Read preview pages of SKINNY DIP now!

Scroll down to read ten preview pages from the Lyre Comic’s upcoming graphic novel SKINNY DIP, written by David Goldberg and illustrated by Jaxinto.

An insecure, closeted teen unknowingly invokes a vengeful ghost at his summer camp. But when the beast takes form from the boy’s deepest sexual subconscious and hunts down his unrequited crushes, the lines between victim and monster, protector and perpetrator are blurred irrevocably. skinnydip1

skinnydip2 SKINNY-DIP-3 SKINNY-DIP-4-5 Skinny-dip-6 skinny-dip-7 skinny-dip-8 skinny-dip-9

Read PUNISHER: Angel of Death NOW!

Read the free Punisher fanfiction story, written by David Goldberg with art and cover by James Peay. Click the cover below!

Punisher: Angel of Death cover by James Peay

Punisher: Angel of Death cover by James Peay

PUNISHERS_short_ISFC PUNISHERS_short_001 PUNISHERS_short_002 PUNISHERS_short_003 PUNISHERS_short_004 PUNISHERS_short_005

New LIRONA cover by Faye Orlove

ORIGINAL series letterer/designer/logo creator/photoshop savior FAYE ORLOVE came through with this sickening variant of WIELDER’S resident dream princess, LIRONA!

Lirona Variant Cover by Faye Orlove

Lirona Variant Cover by Faye Orlove


Check this out and see more pieces in the art section.

Learn more about Faye in our creators section.